Putin threatens Ukraine's statehood in ongoing war

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on Tuesday that Ukraine's statehood could face an "irreparable blow" if the current war pattern persists.

Publication: 17.01.2024 - 12:46
Putin threatens Ukraine's statehood in ongoing war
Abone Ol google-news

He asserted that Russia would never relinquish its territorial gains. Putin's comments were televised a day after Switzerland agreed to host a global summit following a request from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

Putin criticized the "so-called peace formulas" discussed in the West and Ukraine, dismissing them as "prohibitive demands." "Well, if they don't want to negotiate, then don't!" he remarked, highlighting the failed counter-offensive efforts of Ukraine and the control of the initiative by Russian armed forces.

Putin's recent statements about the war have been increasingly confident and aggressive, particularly following Ukraine's unsuccessful counter-offensive against the entrenched Russian forces. Currently, Russia controls 17.5% of Ukraine's territory.

Regarding negotiations, Putin stated, "It's an attempt to motivate us to abandon the gains we've made over the past year and a half. But this is impossible. Everyone understands that."

Zelenskiy's peace formula involves restoring Ukraine's territorial integrity, ceasing hostilities, and withdrawing Russian troops. However, Russia insists that any negotiations must acknowledge the "new realities" established by its forces on the ground.