Israel receives Hamas's latest ceasefire proposal

The Israeli Prime Minister's Office announced that Hamas's latest ceasefire proposal for Gaza has been received by the Israeli negotiation team.

Publication: 04.07.2024 - 11:57
Israel receives Hamas's latest ceasefire proposal
Abone Ol google-news

As Israel's attacks on the Gaza Strip continue for the 271st day, ceasefire negotiations between Israel and Hamas are ongoing.

The Israeli Prime Minister's Office stated that the Israeli negotiation team received Hamas's latest ceasefire proposal from Qatari, Egyptian, and U.S. mediators. "Israel is reviewing the proposal and will convey its response to the mediators," the statement read.

Hamas Confirms

Hamas confirmed that it has discussed the ceasefire in Gaza with the mediators, saying, "We have exchanged some ideas with the mediators to stop the war and completely withdraw from the Gaza Strip." Hamas indicated flexibility in their demands but accused Israel of "trying to deceive and evade."

Israel had presented its latest ceasefire proposal on May 27. U.S. President Joe Biden shared some important details of the proposal with the public on May 31.

Hamas responded to Israel's proposal on June 11, with the U.S. and Israel noting that Hamas made several amendments to the terms.