From Las Vegas to OnlyFans: Carrie Royale threatens Prince Harry

Carrie Royale, a 51-year-old American escort who claims to have been involved with Prince Harry in 2012, is threatening to sell never-before-seen nude photos of him taken at a party in Las Vegas.

Publication: 08.03.2024 - 11:55
From Las Vegas to OnlyFans: Carrie Royale threatens Prince Harry
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Royale stated her intention to publish these photos on OnlyFans, saying, "I have beautiful photos of him naked that the public has never seen. I have poolside photos from before that night and naked pictures of Harry. People will be shocked when they see them."

"I never released these pictures before out of respect. But now, it doesn't matter. He's a complete fool. I'm a bit angry because his book cleared him. Wow, he skipped over so much about that night. I'm surprised he remembered someone's name because he was quite drunk, but he could have mentioned a few things that happened between us, and he completely missed it. Harry was wild, fun-loving, and spontaneous. Where did that go? I think Meghan sucked the life out of him, he's definitely boring and definitely wears the pants. I think he's become a bit of a coward, the opposite of what he used to be."

When asked why she would publish these photos, Royale expressed her anger at not being mentioned in Harry's book, "Spare."

Royale claimed that after being invited to join strippers and other guests in a suite at the Wynn Hotel in 2012, she kissed Prince Harry.

She was invited upstairs by a man she thought worked for the hotel and did not know it was Harry's party. Harry, then 27, had been drinking all day and played strip pool with female guests after playing air guitar with a pool cue, according to Royale.


"I was single and thought, 'Why not? This is Vegas.' I was lucky. I don't think he knew who I was or what I did. I'm going to publish much more than the public knows. I can quickly put together words, explanations, a video summarizing what happened that night, and I will definitely publish the photos," Royale said.

Referring to Meghan Markle, Royale remarked, "If she wants to see her husband in his former glory days, she'll have to subscribe and pay. If she does, I'll let you know."

Photos of Prince Harry being embraced by a woman were widely shared online before being published in The Sun in 2012.

Harry had previously mentioned that the shame from the photos made it difficult for him to "take a comfortable breath."

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