Catalonia turns to desalination amid severe drought

Catalonia, grappling with its worst drought in history, has intensified efforts to conserve water, including maximizing the use of desalination plants. In Barcelona, one of Europe's largest desalination facilities is operating at full capacity to convert seawater into potable water.

Publication: 19.01.2024 - 12:42
Catalonia turns to desalination amid severe drought
Abone Ol google-news

Opened in 2009, the Barcelona facility is crucial in addressing the water needs of 4.5 million people. This response comes as water reserves in Catalonia, including Barcelona, have plummeted to a critical 16% capacity.

The Iberian Peninsula, encompassing Spain and Portugal, is experiencing its worst drought in over a millennium. This severe water shortage is significantly affecting the region, renowned for its agricultural and tourism sectors.

In response, the Spanish government has announced numerous measures to restrict water usage in these key industries. These include reducing the water supply to certain areas and banning hotels from filling empty swimming pools, as part of a broader strategy to manage this unprecedented environmental crisis.