Biden decides on response to Jordan drone strike

President Joe Biden, on Tuesday, confirmed his decision on how to respond to the recent drone attack in Jordan that resulted in the death of U.S. service members.

Publication: 31.01.2024 - 17:39
Biden decides on response to Jordan drone strike
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Speaking to reporters before departing the White House for a campaign trip in Florida, Biden refrained from detailing his plan, noting it followed discussions with his top advisors.

John Kirby, the White House national security spokesperson, hinted at a multi-faceted response while accompanying Biden on Air Force One. "Expect a tiered approach, not just a single action," he said, suggesting multiple responses from the U.S.

Biden emphasized the U.S.'s desire to avoid an escalation in the Middle East, mirroring the sentiments of other officials regarding potential conflict with Iran. "We don't need a wider war in the Middle East. That's not what I'm aiming for," Biden remarked. 

When asked about his decision regarding the attack response, Biden simply replied, "Yes." He also acknowledged Iran's indirect involvement by providing weapons to the attackers.

The drone strike, executed by Iran-backed militants, killed three U.S. service members and wounded at least 34 near Jordan's northeastern border with Syria. The incident has increased pressure on Biden, especially from Republican critics, who accuse the Democratic president of inadequately protecting American troops.