Turkish national athletes triumph with over 7,000 medals in 2023

In a display of exceptional athletic prowess, Turkish athletes have set a new benchmark in 2023 by amassing a staggering total of 7,418 medals in international competitions.

Publication: 26.12.2023 - 12:38
Turkish national athletes triumph with over 7,000 medals in 2023
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Their remarkable success is highlighted by their collection of 2,453 gold, 2,600 silver, and 2,365 bronze medals, showcasing their dominance in various sports arenas. This information, gathered from the Youth and Sports Ministry data, was compiled by Anadolu Agency.

Kickboxers Lead the Medal Tally

Leading the charge were Turkish kickboxers, who demonstrated their superiority on the international stage. They clinched a total of 119 medals in the European championships and 41 in the world championships. In various other competitions, they collectively bagged an impressive 1,091 medals. Their performance not only underscores their skill but also marks a significant achievement for Turkish sports.

Other Sports Follow Closely

The achievement of the kickboxers was closely followed by other sports disciplines. Turkish tennis players secured a commendable total of 1,081 medals, reflecting their hard work and dedication to the sport. Wushu athletes, known for their agility and precision, brought home 567 medals. Additionally, Turkish swimmers made a splash by winning 546 medals, further emphasizing Turkey's diverse sporting talent.

This outstanding performance by Turkish athletes in 2023 symbolizes the nation's growing prowess in the international sports arena, bringing pride and recognition to the country.

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