Somali President's son sentenced in rider death case

The court has announced a decision in the trial of Mohamed Hassan Shaikh Mohamud, the son of the Somali President, responsible for the death of delivery rider Yunus Emre Göçer. The court sentenced Mohamud to three years in prison for "causing death by negligence." This sentence was reduced to two and a half years with a 'good conduct' reduction and then converted into a 27,300 Turkish Lira fine.

Publication: 16.01.2024 - 13:48
Somali President's son sentenced in rider death case
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Mohamed Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who appeared in court last Friday and gave his statement, was released after the court lifted his arrest warrant and international travel ban. Metin Göçer, Yunus Emre Göçer's father, attended the hearing at the Istanbul 33rd Criminal Court, represented by his lawyer. The defendant's lawyers were also present.

The trial commenced with the judge acknowledging Mohamud's appearance and statement in court. The court also noted the absence of Öznur Göçer, the deceased's wife, who had a valid excuse.

Father Göçer's Request Granted

Metin Göçer's lawyer, representing Yunus Emre Göçer's father, stated, "Metin Göçer is Yunus Emre Göçer's father and has filed a complaint. We request the defendant's punishment and wish to participate in the case." The court accepted Metin Göçer's request to join the trial. The defendant's lawyers submitted a written defense and had no further comments at this stage.

Prosecutor Advocates for Punishment

The prosecutor, referencing the incident and reports in the file, confirmed that Mohamud caused Yunus Emre Göçer's death through negligence. He noted Göçer's inadequate mirror checks and his failure to stop properly on an 80 km/h speed limit road, partially attributing fault to him. The prosecutor sought punishment for Mohamud for "causing death by negligence."

"Accident in Nature"

The defendant's lawyer reiterated their submitted defense, stating, "This tragic event was merely an accident," and requested the application of favorable legal provisions. They also mentioned their efforts to empathize and comfort Göçer's family, claiming success in this regard.

Court Issues Verdict

The court sentenced Mohamed Hassan Shaikh Mohamud to three years in prison for "causing death by negligence," later reduced to two and a half years for 'good conduct.'

The court converted this prison sentence into a fine of 27,300 Turkish Lira and decided on a six-month driver's license suspension for the defendant.

"We Will Pursue This Case"

Metin Göçer's lawyer, speaking after the hearing, announced plans to appeal the decision and to continue following the case.

Background of the Incident

In Istanbul's Fatih district on November 30, 2023, Yunus Emre Göçer was critically injured when Mohamud's vehicle collided with his. Göçer succumbed to his injuries on December 6. Initially released after police interrogation, Mohamud was later found to be the primary culprit in an expert report. An arrest warrant and travel ban were issued, but he had already left the country by December 2.

The Indictment

The Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor's Office's indictment stated that while Öznur Göçer initially filed a complaint, she later retracted it. The indictment charged Mohamud with "causing death by negligence," seeking a prison term of two to six years.

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