Erdemli: Where nature meets history in the Mediterranean

Nestled along the cool waters of the Mediterranean, the gem of Mersin, Erdemli, dazzles with its stunning natural beauty and rich historical heritage. With its historical ruins, turquoise sea, and fragrant orange groves, Erdemli offers a holiday destination for every taste.

Publication: 08.02.2024 - 11:46
Erdemli: Where nature meets history in the Mediterranean
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Located on Mersin's Mediterranean coast, Erdemli is known for its warm-hearted people, pristine beaches, and unparalleled natural beauty. This region, an important settlement since ancient times, provides a captivating atmosphere with its historical wealth. Remnants from the Roman era, Hellenistic period artifacts, and traces of Byzantine architecture await discovery here. Moreover, with its beaches, natural caves, and lush forests, Erdemli is a paradise for nature lovers. Offering all the Mediterranean's beauty with its turquoise sea, Erdemli promises an unforgettable holiday experience.

Places to Visit in Erdemli

Sebaste Ancient City: Located 19 km from the Erdemli district center, Sebaste Ancient City was built during the Roman period and the end of the Hellenistic Age, becoming a famous port and trade center at the time. The tombs found in the necropolis area are among the largest cultural remains preserved in Sebaste Ancient City. The Sebaste Necropolis is one of the best-preserved large cemeteries in our country, with numerous lemon trees also found in the necropolis area.

Korykos Ancient City: Facing Kızkalesi, one of the oldest historical structures in Erdemli, Korykos Ancient City was built on the slopes of a valley named Şeytan Deresi (Devil's Stream) by the local people. At that time, the ancient city, surrounded by square walls, was accessible through a bridge constructed over the ditches that encircled it.

Kızkalesi (Maiden's Castle): Kızkalesi is one of the first structures you should visit when you go to Erdemli. It was built on an island situated 200 meters off the coast, opposite Korykos Ancient City. Kızkalesi, one of Erdemli's oldest settlements, dates back to the 400s BC. The castle, utilized by many civilizations, has become increasingly difficult to access over time.

Kanlıdivane Ancient Site: Located within Erdemli's boundaries, yet in one of the oldest settlements of the rural area, Kanlıdivane Ancient Site is 18 km from the district center and easily accessible by car. It was first discovered by a French traveler in the 19th century and dates back to the 300s BC. The word "Blood" in its name is considered somewhat eerie. It got its name because, before the Roman and ancient times, convicted criminals were thrown into the deep pit here to be devoured by wild animals.

Karacaoğlan Waterfall: Located within the Elvanlı Neighborhood of Erdemli, Karacaoğlan Waterfall is 17 km from the district. Known for its spectacular views, the waterfall attracts thousands of tourists every year. Falling from a height of 40 meters, Karacaoğlan Waterfall offers a chance to cool off in the summer and enjoy the unique mountain landscapes. The waterfall has become an important asset for the tourism industry. Known as the "Hidden Paradise" by locals, the waterfall is especially appealing to nature enthusiasts and a popular spot for photographers.