Epstein case: Allegations of child trafficking from Turkey

During the trial of Jeffrey Epstein's "prostitution ring," Katherine W. Ezell, representing the abused girls, interrogated Epstein’s private pilot, Marçinko. She questioned whether Epstein had kidnapped underage girls from Turkey for prostitution in America.

Publication: 09.01.2024 - 12:10
Epstein case: Allegations of child trafficking from Turkey
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Jeffrey Epstein, known for trafficking and prostituting minors to notable Americans, including former President Bill Clinton, remains a source of ongoing revelations.

A New York district judge, Loretta Preska, recently lifted the confidentiality order on more than 900 pages of documents. These files suggest "Turkey was part of Epstein's child trafficking network."

Pilot Faces Intense Cross-Examination, Remains Silent

Ezell grilled former Slovakian model and Epstein's pilot, Nadya Marçinko, in a tense cross-examination.

According to Sputnik, Marçinko chose silence when asked about her awareness of Epstein's abusive operations, her acquaintance with Bill Clinton, and witnessing the coercion of young girls into prostitution.

Kidnapping Claims from Turkey

Significant revelations came to light in documents 407-6, 407-8, and 407-9 of case number 1328, particularly during Marçinko's questioning.

On April 13, 2010, Ezell asked Marçinko these questions:"Did you know that various passports were obtained for the 15-year-old victim named Jane Doe #102 by Jeffrey Epstein and/or Ghislaine Maxwell, and that she was later taken to Palm Beach, New York, Santa Fe, Los Angeles, San Francisco, St. Louis, Europe, the Caribbean, and Africa? Does this also mean that Jeffrey Epstein kidnapped and brought children from Turkey, the Czech Republic (Czechia), and Asian countries? Were you aware of this? Was Jean Luc Brunel Epstein's partner in international child trafficking? Did you know that after abusing Jane Doe #102, Jeffrey Epstein also marketed her to nobles, politicians, academics, and businessmen?"

Nadya Marçinko declined to answer, while her attorney raised objections with the court.

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