Cumhuriyet's founder Yunus Nadi remembered: 'His legacy is secure'

Yunus Nadi, the founding chief editor of our newspaper and a prominent writer during the "establishment and liberation," was commemorated at his gravesite on his death anniversary.

Publication: 28.06.2024 - 16:13
Cumhuriyet's founder Yunus Nadi remembered: 'His legacy is secure'
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The 79th anniversary of Yunus Nadi's death was marked with a ceremony at his grave in Edirnekapı Martyr’s Cemetery. Present at the ceremony were our newspaper's editor-in-chief Mine Esen, editorial board member and writer Miyase İlknur, Yeni Gün News Agency Press and Publishing Inc. board members Osman Selçuk Özer and Osman Gölcük, and Cumhuriyet Books General Publication Coordinator Berrin Karadeniz.

Speaking at the ceremony, Esen said, "We are in the presence of a great master who walked with Atatürk since the National Struggle. We owe him a great deal." Esen highlighted the special significance of being at Yunus Nadi's side during the 100th anniversary of Cumhuriyet newspaper, stating, "The newspaper he founded is in safe hands. Cumhuriyet continues on its path with the publishing policy he defined: 'Cumhuriyet is neither a government nor a party newspaper. Cumhuriyet is the defender of the Republic, of democracy in its scientific and widespread expression.' No matter the pressures, obstacles, or threats, we will continue to follow Atatürk's path."

'The Person Who Debated Atatürk's Reforms'

Miyase İlknur emphasized that Yunus Nadi was a "born journalist," saying, "Nadi was someone who came from the National Struggle and practiced journalism nearly his entire life. He paid a heavy price during the period of autocracy, having to start from scratch after his assets were confiscated by occupying forces, but he never gave up." İlknur noted that Yunus Nadi was also the first person with whom Atatürk discussed his reforms. "As a member of parliament, he was the one who introduced proposals for major reforms and maintained his commitment to the Republic through the newspaper he founded," she said. Osman Gölcük remarked that Cumhuriyet is one of the few institutions that has stood for 100 years, adding, "We will uphold the institution and principles he entrusted to us until the end."