Coffee boycott in Israel: Israeli flag replaces Turkish flag

The CEO of Israeli coffee producer Strauss announced the removal of the word "Turkish" from their Turkish coffee packages, replacing it with patriotic slogans and the Israeli flag.

Publication: 26.12.2023 - 13:46
Coffee boycott in Israel: Israeli flag replaces Turkish flag
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Strauss, a prominent Israeli coffee manufacturer, indicated a public displeasure towards Turkey due to its support for Hamas, which has been involved in conflicts against Israel. They decided to change the packaging of one of their well-known products, Turkish coffee.

According to a report in the Times of Israel, the new packaging features the Israeli flag and patriotic slogans where the Turkish flag used to be.

The company stated that the new temporary packaging retains its familiar look but now includes the Israeli flag along with phrases like "We have no other country," "Time of victory," "Strong together," and "Am Yisrael Chai" ("The People of Israel Live").

High Demand

CEO Avi Laufer mentioned that the packaging change aims to boost the morale of Israeli soldiers fighting in Gaza.

Laufer continued:

"Since the start of the conflict, the demand for coffee has been very high. Following boycott calls, we received messages requesting the change of the coffee's name to 'Israeli coffee.' Our Turkish coffee has no connection with Turkey. This coffee does not come from Turkey. These coffee beans are produced in Brazil, Vietnam, and Ethiopia. The method of grinding the coffee is the same as in Turkey and Greece."

Erdogan's "Butcher of Gaza" Statement Recalled

While Israel expressed satisfaction with the packaging change, the Times of Israel recalled statements made by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Erdoğan had accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of committing war crimes and several times referred to him as the "Butcher of Gaza."

In a statement made in November, Erdoğan had said:

"Netanyahu, who has committed one of the greatest atrocities of the last century in Gaza, has long inscribed his name in history as the 'Butcher of Gaza.' This is not only a stain on Netanyahu's forehead but also on everyone who supports him unconditionally. This mark of shame will never be erased. We will never forget the crimes against humanity and war crimes committed in Gaza, nor will we forget the inaction of Western countries, with a few exceptions."

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