Arrested for 'petting' a crocodile at home in Istanbul

A person in Istanbul's Kartal district has been detained for keeping a 1.5-meter-long crocodile in their home.

Publication: 22.06.2024 - 14:37
Arrested for 'petting' a crocodile at home in Istanbul
Abone Ol google-news

Teams from the Anti-Smuggling Branch of the Police Department launched an investigation following a tip-off about a crocodile being kept in a house in Kartal.

The teams discovered that person named, A.P. had been keeping the crocodile at his residence, which is prohibited under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

It was found that A.P. had dressed the crocodile in a sweater and walked it on a leash, recording these actions on his mobile phone and sharing them on social media.

During a search of the suspect's home, police found the live crocodile as well as a taxidermy crocodile.

After processing at the police station, A.P. was taken to court and released under judicial control by the magistrate.

The live crocodile was handed over to the General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks.

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