A peaceful escape in nature: Mazı Village

Mazı, one of Muğla's villages adorned with unique natural beauties, offers visitors a peaceful escape.

Publication: 27.03.2024 - 13:29
A peaceful escape in nature: Mazı Village
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Mazı Village, located in Bodrum district of Muğla, presents a tranquil village atmosphere with the Aegean's deep blue waters and nature covered in a myriad of green hues. Offering visitors a peaceful escape with its unique texture and natural beauties, Mazı Village attracts nature lovers and those seeking tranquility.


Mazı Village is part of the Bodrum district in Muğla and lies along the cool waters of the Mediterranean. Immersed in nature, Mazı is renowned for its crystal-clear sea, lush nature, and pristine bays. Upon arrival, you find yourself in a serene atmosphere embraced by nature.

Kissebükü Bay:

Kissebükü Bay is a prime destination for blue voyages, featuring untouched green forests and a natural wonder bay with crystal-clear waters. It's a unique location where you can fully enjoy the sea and nature. The bay, home to historical ruins like baths, cisterns, and churches, invites you to witness the dusty pages of history. The land route to the bay is challenging and winding. You can also reach this bay via boat tours departing from the Gulf of Gökova. The bay offers a breathtaking view from the top.

Devil's Stream:

Following Kissebükü Bay, Devil's Stream is next. The calm and clean bay, surrounded by lush nature, is a piece of heaven for those who love to walk and experience nature.

Akarca Bay:

The next bay after Devil’s Stream, Akarca Bay allows you to enjoy the sea, sand, sun, and nature away from the crowds.

Çakıllıyalı Bay:

Also known as Taşlıyalı, Çakıllıyalı Bay is one of the well-known bays of Mazı Village and is situated on one of the Karya trekking trails. As suggested by its name, the bay has a pebble beach. You can enjoy delicious meals with a unique view at Çiçek Restaurant in the bay. Çakıllıyalı Bay is also a stop for Bodrum private boat tours.


One of Mazı Village's popular bays, İnceyalı, is highly sought after for its restaurants, cafes, and accommodation facilities. It is one of the most vibrant bays in Mazı Village. The sea is exceptionally clean and beautiful, making it a perfect location to relax and unwind on the beach.

Hurma Bay:

Hurma Bay is one of the first bays that come to mind when mentioning Bodrum Mazı Village. It hosts numerous restaurants and hotels. Kale Restaurant, Kayabaşı Restaurant, and Mazı Restaurant are the most popular eateries. Many businesses offer sun loungers and umbrellas for rent. It is also part of many blue cruise routes.

Ilgın Bay:

Even during the busiest season, Ilgın Bay is never too crowded. Being a sheltered bay, it experiences less wind and waves. The water is cold due to the mixture of cold and sweet underground waters seeping into the sea from the bottom. It is a location for those seeking peace in silence and magnificent nature.

Sedef Bay:

With its turquoise color and crystal-clear waters, Sedef Bay is one of the bays where you can enjoy a tranquil holiday. Like Ilgın Bay, its waters are cold and pristine. There are no facilities in the bay. Since access by vehicle is difficult, you can fully enjoy the bay by joining boat tours.


Mazı Village attracts attention not only with its natural beauty but also with its historical and cultural heritage. Used as a settlement since ancient times, Mazı is home to historical ruins and old houses still standing. While wandering through the village's narrow streets, you can discover traces of the past.


Mazı Village offers various activities and events for nature lovers. You can go on nature walks, explore trekking routes, and if you're interested in water sports, you can engage in activities like underwater diving. In the evenings, you can sit in the village square, taste the flavors of Aegean cuisine, and watch the sunset.


Mazı Village is also famous for its regional flavors. Dishes prepared with the Aegean's fresh seafood and organic agricultural products can be found in the village's restaurants and cafes. Additionally, homemade jams, olive oil dishes, and village bread are worth tasting.


Mazı Village offers a variety of accommodation options. Here, you can find boutique hotels, pensions, and bungalow houses, making it an ideal choice.

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