Turkey investigates Meta for potential competition law violations

Turkey's competition board has launched an investigation into Meta Platforms for potentially violating competition laws by linking its social media platforms Threads and Instagram.

Publication: 12.12.2023 - 11:20
Turkey investigates Meta for potential competition law violations
Abone Ol google-news

The investigation follows preliminary research that found significant evidence suggesting a breach of competition law. The Turkish regulator's action is part of a broader examination of Meta Platforms' business practices.

Previously, Meta Platforms faced a substantial fine from the Turkish antitrust authority. The company was fined 346.72 million liras (about $18.63 million) for its dominant position in social media advertising and for impeding competitors by using data from its Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp services.

These developments in Turkey reflect a growing global trend of increased scrutiny and regulation of major tech companies to ensure fair competition in digital markets. The Turkish regulator's actions align with efforts worldwide to regulate the influence of tech giants and maintain competitive digital environments.

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