Apple to unveil AI strategies later this year

Apple Inc. is set to reveal more about its generative artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives later this year, announced CEO Tim Cook during the company's annual shareholder meeting.

Publication: 29.02.2024 - 11:12
Apple to unveil AI strategies later this year
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Emphasizing the "incredible breakthrough potential" of generative AI, Cook highlighted Apple's significant investment in the technology, aiming to transform user experiences in productivity and problem-solving.

While Apple has been more cautious than rivals like Microsoft and Google in introducing generative AI, which generates human-like text responses, Cook assured that AI's influence is already embedded within Apple products. He teased forthcoming announcements on explicit AI features, including enhancements in data search capabilities on Apple devices.

Cook also boasted about the AI capabilities of Macs powered by Apple silicon, claiming them to be unparalleled in the market. However, a shareholder proposal demanding greater transparency on Apple's AI usage and ethical guidelines did not pass, despite securing 37.5% of the votes. The measure, proposed by the AFL-CIO, America's largest labor union federation, aimed to prompt Apple to disclose more about its AI applications and ethical considerations.

The call for increased transparency reflects broader concerns about ethical standards in AI use among leading tech companies. Apple, which has faced criticism for lagging in disclosing ethical AI guidelines, opposed the measure, arguing that such disclosures could compromise its competitive edge in the rapidly evolving AI sector.

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