Vinicius Junior tearfully discusses racism struggle

Real Madrid's Vinicius Junior was moved to tears during a press conference on Monday, as he opened up about his experiences with racism in Spain. The incident occurred just before Brazil's friendly match against Spain, set to take place at Madrid's Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, where Vinicius plays his club football.

Publication: 26.03.2024 - 12:53
Vinicius Junior tearfully discusses racism struggle
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The 23-year-old Brazilian forward emphasized the significance of combating racism, stating, "Playing football is important, but the fight against racism is paramount."

Vinicius, who joined Real Madrid in 2018, affirmed his commitment to staying in La Liga, refusing to let racist behavior drive him away. "Leaving La Liga would only hand victory to the racists," he declared. Despite this, he confessed the abuse has dampened his enthusiasm for the game, making him increasingly reluctant to play.

Highlighting racism as a pervasive issue, Vinicius criticized football organizations such as UEFA, FIFA, and CONMEBOL for not doing enough to address the problem. He particularly pointed out the lack of legal consequences for racist acts in Spain, which he finds discouraging. "Spain is not a racist country, but it harbors many racists, especially in the stadiums," he observed.

At just 23, Vinicius feels compelled to educate many in Spain about racism, stressing the urgent need for change. He has earned 27 caps for Brazil, scoring three goals, and was part of the squad for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Vinicius remains a key player for Real Madrid, with a contract extending until 2027. Following racist incidents involving fans of Atletico Madrid and Barcelona, Real Madrid has taken legal action. In response to these events, Spanish authorities arrested seven individuals in 2023 for hate crimes against Vinicius, showing the support of his teammates and the wider football community.

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