Official contact from B. Dortmund for Ferdi Kadıoğlu!

It is reported that Borussia Dortmund, a German Bundesliga team currently managed by Nuri Şahin, has initiated official talks to transfer Fenerbahçe’s Ferdi Kadıoğlu.

Publication: 21.06.2024 - 10:55
Official contact from B. Dortmund for Ferdi Kadıoğlu!
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A significant development occurred regarding Ferdi Kadıoğlu, who has caught the attention of major clubs while Fenerbahçe continues its transfer activities for the next season.

According to Yağız Sabuncuoğlu’s report, Borussia Dortmund, under the management of Nuri Şahin, has made official contact with Fenerbahçe for Ferdi Kadıoğlu.

Ali Koç's Statement

Before the presidential election, Fenerbahçe President Ali Koç spoke about Ferdi Kadıoğlu during a live broadcast:

“Ferdi is the player with the most minutes in the Süper Lig this season. He has shown incredible consistency. He was my first international transfer. We signed him as a number 10, and now he plays as a left-back. We are very pleased with him both on and off the field. He’s an amazing kid. A truly pure soul. I am proud to have a player like him. Many teams were interested in him mid-season. There hasn’t been an offer yet. But at this point, where we want to reach, it is essential for him to stay with us next season.”

“If something extraordinary like 35-40 million comes in, we will consider it. But Ferdi is very happy with us. Mourinho’s name has created excitement among the players. We might sign players who wouldn't have come otherwise because of Mourinho’s name. Perhaps players who wanted to leave will stay. As management, we are positioned to keep Ferdi at Fenerbahçe one hundred percent. But as I said, if something extraordinary happens, we have to discuss it. However, Ferdi would gladly play another season at Fenerbahçe.”