Mourinho's post with Zeki Murat Göle: 'Found him after 24 years...'

Fenerbahçe's head coach, Jose Mourinho, made a notable post about Zeki Murat Göle, a member of the coaching staff. Mourinho compared Göle to former footballer Ivan De La Peña.

Publication: 05.07.2024 - 13:32
Mourinho's post with Zeki Murat Göle: 'Found him after 24 years...'
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Sharing a photo with Zeki Murat Göle, Mourinho wrote, "I found him after 24 years, and now he's my assistant: Ivan De La Peña."

Who is Zeki Murat Göle?

Zeki Murat Göle, one of the key figures in Fenerbahçe's coaching team, is recognized as a successful coach in his football career. Here's a look into his life and career: Göle began his football education at Marmara University's School of Physical Education and Sports and launched his professional coaching career with a UEFA Pro license. Raised in a region passionate about sports, Göle started his career at Fenerbahçe Football School, where he held various significant positions.

He contributed to developing young talents by coaching Fenerbahçe's U18, A2, U16, and U17 teams. Additionally, he served as a coach for the Fenerbahçe Professional Football Team and was part of the team's technical staff. Göle also temporarily took on the role of head coach for Fenerbahçe, leading the team in two matches and making significant contributions to the team's performance alongside experienced assistant coaches.