Hamilton set to join Ferrari for 2025 F1 season

Formula One sensation Lewis Hamilton is reportedly set to depart from Mercedes and make a move to Ferrari for the upcoming 2025 F1 season. Hamilton has faced challenges over the past two seasons as Mercedes grappled with the evolving Formula 1 regulations.

Publication: 03.02.2024 - 14:40
Hamilton set to join Ferrari for 2025 F1 season
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The British F1 driver endured a challenging 2022, marking the first time in his illustrious career that he failed to secure a single race victory. The subsequent year saw Max Verstappen clinch his third consecutive F1 world title, outperforming Hamilton.

While Hamilton inked a new deal with Mercedes in August 2023, recent developments suggest uncertainty surrounding his future with the team. Sky Sports News reported that the Mercedes factory is poised for a briefing by team chief executive Toto Wolff, potentially leading to an announcement 1 February regarding a team change.

Motorsport.com's report indicated that negotiations for Hamilton's move to Ferrari are progressing, with an advanced stage reached. Despite signing a contract extension with Mercedes covering 2024 and 2025, speculation arises due to an alleged escape clause in his agreement.

Reflecting on his commitment to Mercedes after the new deal in August 2023, Hamilton expressed his dedication to achieving greatness with the team. He acknowledged the challenges and setbacks, emphasizing the collective pursuit of dreams and the determination to secure more victories.

Hamilton's future plans have been a subject of contemplation for the seasoned driver. In a previous statement, he acknowledged the transient nature of his racing career, highlighting the importance of diversifying interests beyond the track.

Hamilton commented in an interview with CNBC in November:

"I can't race forever, and it's good to have other things that you can be creative and tap into. You can't be thinking about racing 24/7 because you'll go out of your mind."

A significant portion of Hamilton's time outside the cockpit is dedicated to sponsor-related commitments, including photo shoots and contractual obligations. Managing these commitments strategically, he acknowledged the lessons learned from earlier in his career when excessive commitments outside racing affected his performance on race weekends.

The 2024 F1 season is slated to commence with the Bahrain Grand Prix in March.

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