Revolutionary project: Setting up a fuel station in space

Space aviation companies Orbit Fab and ClearSpace are rolling up their sleeves to establish a refueling system in Earth's orbit, beyond the atmosphere.

Publication: 25.01.2024 - 11:58
Revolutionary project: Setting up a fuel station in space
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Expert in their fields, Orbit Fab and ClearSpace, while working on the Active Debris Removal (ADR) mission financed by the United Kingdom, thought that by combining their strengths and experiences, they could build a fuel supply system in space.

Daniel Faber, the founder and CEO of Orbit Fab, along with ClearSpace, quickly established a partnership and started planning this idea.

Should the project materialize, this system will extend the duration of space missions, enable cargo transportation in space, and provide critical support to astronauts on rescue missions in emergencies.


In a statement to Space News, Daniel Faber said, "Our customers will be able to buy fuel from the Orbit Fab space station, and the purchased fuel can be delivered to their owners by our partner ClearSpace."

Faber noted that their first goal is to integrate Orbit Fab and ClearSpace vehicles into this project. He also mentioned that Orbit Fab plans to "build its own fuel shuttles" and emphasized their aim to "get the fuel platform into orbit within the next two years."


Switzerland-based fuel transportation company Orbit Fab integrates its own products, the RAFTI fueling valve and GRIP robotic grappling devices, into spacecraft.

UK-based ClearSpace is preparing to transfer its experience in cleaning space debris and waste to the new project.

The company had launched its first shuttle, "ClearSpace-1," into space in 2013.

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