The key to life on Earth has been discovered!

Scientists have revealed that the world's first traces of life may have been left by worms in the deep oceans. This discovery offers new clues to the beginning of life on earth.

Publication: 11.06.2024 - 13:27
The key to life on Earth has been discovered!
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Scientists have discovered a new clue to the origin of life on Earth.

Researchers suggest that worm tracks found in ancient sediments deep in the oceans could be the first signs of life on Earth.


These traces were found in sediments dating back about 3.7 billion years and caused a great stir in the scientific world.

This discovery could open the door to new theories about how life began on early Earth. Maggots are seen as one of the first life forms with their simple structure and ability to adapt to the environment. By studying the tracks of these creatures, researchers hope to learn more about the beginning of life.


The team conducting the research states that these tracks are the traces left by ancient microorganisms as they moved. These microorganisms may have survived by feeding on chemical reactions on the ocean floor. If this theory is correct, the origin of life may have been a much more complex process than previously thought.

These new findings are considered an important step forward in understanding how life began and evolved on Earth. Scientists aim to find more clues to the origin of life by further analyzing these traces.

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