Horrific Crime in Pennsylvania: Son murders father for 'allowing immigrants,' posts video online

In a horrifying incident that shocked the United States and the world, Justin Mohn, a 32-year-old from Pennsylvania, gruesomely decapitated his father, a 68-year-old federal government employee, and shared the video on social media.

Publication: 31.01.2024 - 14:58
Horrific Crime in Pennsylvania: Son murders father for 'allowing immigrants,' posts video online
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The United States recently witnessed a harrowing and unusual murder that sparked global outrage.

Blaming the Biden administration for "encouraging immigrants to enter the U.S., thereby destroying the country," Justin Mohn beheaded his father Michael, whom he claimed was a federal government employee, and placed his head in a shopping bag.


Following the murder, Mohn recorded a video with his father's severed head. In the 14-minute speech, he said:

"This is the head of Mike Mohn, my father, who has worked for the federal government for over 20 years. He will now forever remain in hell as a traitor to his country..."

In his speech, Mohn also offered a $1 million reward to anyone capable of killing high-ranking officials, including FBI Director Christopher Wray, Attorney General Merrick Garland, and former Attorney General Bill Barr.


The video remained online for six hours, viewed by millions, before being removed for violating "social media platform rules."

After receiving a tip about the video, police quickly identified the suspect and reached Justin Mohn's home at 19:00 local time. They found the decapitated body of Michael Mohn in the bathroom. It was reported that the killer lived with his 68-year-old father Michael, 63-year-old mother Denice, 35-year-old brother Zachary, and 38-year-old sister Stephanie.


Justin Mohn is a 32-year-old American citizen residing in Levittown, Pennsylvania, now infamously known for the brutal murder of his father.

In the video, which stayed up for several hours on the social media site before removal, Mohn accused the federal government and the Biden administration of various issues, expressing extreme views against "woke gangs," "immigrants," and what he called "globalists and communists."

Details about Justin Mohn's past and motivations are limited, but his actions and statements in the YouTube video are being analyzed by experts.

Meanwhile, the validity of Mohn's claims about his father working for the federal government is under question, adding to the uncertainties surrounding this tragic incident.

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