Are rich countries leaning right while the poor lean left?

11 Haziran 2024 Salı

My daughter Maryam voted in Italy, and my son Bulut voted in Denmark for the European Parliament elections. The election results did not defy expectations. Although the parties in the center still hold the majority in the 720-seat parliament (over 400 seats), the right and far-right (fascist-leaning) parties have risen rapidly.

In the European Parliament elections, the far-right has made significant gains. The ruling German Social Democratic Party has seen a major decline in its country. AfD, which avoids drawing a clear line between itself and the Hitler regime, appears to be leading, though the exact figures have not yet been announced.

The losses of the center (partly the liberals) are so severe that French leader Macron, despite having three years left in his term, had to dissolve the parliament and call for elections at the end of the month. Macron will not be able to run again.

With the statement, "The rise of nationalists and demagogues is a danger for our nation and Europe," it is clear that Marine Le Pen is acting with the thought that a government in the center can be established before she rises further. She is even sacrificing her own seat for this. France will experience significant polarization again.


In two years, Scholz will no longer be in Germany.

Meloni is already the Prime Minister in Italy.

In five years, there will be no mention of a liberal central government in the European Union.

It is clear that these election results will also reflect in national general elections.

The right and far-right are rising with accelerating steps.

France, Germany, and Italy, the three most important countries of the European Union, will increasingly determine the main political character of the EU.


Notice that this political crisis erupted as a crisis of rich countries. The trigger was the mass migration to Europe. The economic crisis combined with this. As European voters began to lose the prosperity they had gained and lost hope for the near future, they became more conservative, nationalistic, and turned to the right and far-right parties that appealed to them.

We saw the first signs of this in the UK and the USA.

The British left the European Union.

Americans brought Trump to power.

In this process, in about six countries within the European Union, the far-right and right-wing either joined the government or came to power. In the economically and politically backward countries of the Union, for example, Hungary and (despite the return) Poland, the process happened earlier and faster.


This is the cry of the voters in rich countries during the elections.

The war in Ukraine also accelerated this process. The central liberal governments' policies regarding Ukraine, which considered the possibility of conflict with Russia, also gave new momentum to the sails of the right-wing parties. The new and significant military and financial burdens on Europe are causing voter anxiety.

In the USA, it is likely that Trump will come to power again. Even if he receives a prison sentence, there is no law in the USA that prevents him from governing America from his cell.

I read comments suggesting that the European election results will support Trump.


Here, it is clear that the problems of rich countries are politically diverging from the difficulties faced by countries struggling with economic hardships.

In Turkey, for quite some time, there has been a government leaning right and sustained by the support of an ultra-right party like the MHP.

They have driven the country into a major economic crisis and have begun to lose power. We are experiencing a process where social democrats are rising.

In Mexico, the voters have brought a more populist leader and administration to power.

Geographical influences and internal dynamics of countries differ.

However, we will experience the effects of the rise of the right and far-right in Europe in a multifaceted, cultural, political, and economic sense within the European Union, even before they come to power.

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