Letters to myself (6): Palace diplomacy - Sisi!

17 Şubat 2024 Cumartesi

Once again, we have returned successfully from a journey. On Valentine's Day, I embraced the President of Egypt, my dear brother, my life, my everything, and the esteemed Sisi, demonstrating once more what diplomacy truly means.

Above all, foreign policy requires versatility. We have shown so many facets to Egypt that even I, despite not being an economist, have lost count. Initially, we called Sisi a "murderer," declared him "illegal," and labeled him a "terrorist."

And then?

We said, "Join us." We decided to be friends, stronger than any law, and removed Sisi from being "illegal." We use the word "terrorist" whenever it suits us, sometimes when it doesn’t. I’ve labeled half the country as terrorists, then patriotically commended some of them. Why not do the same with Sisi? He understood me well, showing comprehension.

Should we have kept our relations uniform and become a characterless country? That was the old Turkey! Now, it’s the era of versatility!


We've also eliminated "hypocrisy"!

Abandoning this narrow-minded view, we've started to practice politics with more than two faces. Did you really think you're limited to just two faces?

Israel understands me the best. Whenever trade diminishes slightly, I immediately shout "Murderous Israel." They get the message and deepen our relations. Netanyahu understands our value. We've devastated Syria to ensure no powerful country remains near us. What more could they want?

It seems we will agree with Sisi on this matter.

In relations with America, we are moving towards "letter diplomacy." Biden will write me a letter. I suggested early March; it could help with the local elections. They responded, "Don't worry, we understand the importance of your local elections as much as you do. You must achieve a result that doesn't shake your power." Hopefully, if a letter about the F-16s arrives, we can start saying, "We have brought America to its knees."

I immediately initiated an investigation into the mining accident in Iliç. I've turned only 20% of the country's land area into mining sites, but this could increase. I will immediately issue an ultimatum to the company responsible for the accident:

"The accident has caused public outrage. Healing the wounds requires a lot of dollars. The more money you give, the more tolerance we'll show. Give generously and be at ease, or we'll launch extensive investigations..."

The money from this will slightly ease the economy before the elections...


There are only about 40-45 days left until the local elections. I'm thinking of slightly increasing the level of threat to the public in the squares.

I've maintained a good balance so far:

Scold your people at home.

Market your country abroad.

I say, "We've found oil in Gabar."

People say, "Our bills have ballooned; we're ruined."

I say, "Our car, Togg, is on the roads."

People say, "We're fed up with these words"...

There are times when the opposition influences the people, but when I increase the level of scolding, the balance is restored.

March is approaching... I need to find new things to make my people forget their hunger. This will increase their loyalty to me and their fear of me!

I'm considering reducing the oxygen to cities that don't vote for me!

Wouldn't that be a breathtaking move?

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