European Spirit is collapsing!

12 Haziran 2024 Çarşamba

In the recent elections to the European Parliament (EP), the topicality of the issue has reached a level that no one can hide. It is no longer a “solution” for European countries to attempt to solve the problems they face in this regard one by one. A deeper look reveals the following:

New world disorder is the cause, migration is the effect!

We live in a world that is disorderly in every respect, where rules change according to time, place and addressee.

Global values that would embrace all of humanity in general have collapsed. Even if there are remnants of these values, there are no leaders to carry them.

Who will carry it?

Biden or Trump?

Macron or Scholz?

Putin or Xi?



Back to our topic... Far-right parties have gained significant power in almost all EU member states, especially in those that serve as locomotives. This definition is not an exaggeration:

The EU spirit has collapsed!

Aside from the distant past, the Copenhagen Criteria, which were introduced in 1993 after the end of the Eastern Bloc, aimed to make the European countries that disintegrated under the Soviet Union full members of the EU immediately, with expidition, “before Russia recovers”. It was realized step by step. The number of members increased from 15 to 27. In parallel, the same countries were also admitted to NATO.

In time, the EU was supposed to establish its own army, elect its own president and create a real European unity.

Not only that, but the EU has turned into a three-class train. First class wagons include countries like Germany and France, second class wagons have countries like Spain, Portugal and Greece, while third class wagons house countries like Bulgaria and Romania...

On top of all this, an immigration problem that includes all those in the first class wagons has been added. This problem, which also binds Turkey in many ways, is so clear for EU citizens that it can be summarized as follows:

There is a very thin line between a worker in a German automotive factory being a humanist social democrat and a far-right extremist who is worried that his job is in danger, that the values of life in his country are being eroded.

The recent elections show that this fine line has been shattered. Parties born out of the shift to the far right in the grassroots of these countries are talking about expelling “non-Europeans” from the continent, by force if necessary.

More than the collapse of the EU spirit, this picture also brings to mind a time in the European psyche that one does not want to remember in the past.


As for the Turkish angle...

We retired from being a candidate for full membership of the EU!

Instead, we have become the EU's migrant depot!

This is how the EU now views its relations with Turkey. So much so that from the prime minister of Greece to the chancellor of Germany, they do not hesitate to emphasize the importance of Turkey from this point of view.

After the founding of the Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk realized that a ring of peace around Turkey was inevitable and established the Sadabat Pact with Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq in the east and the Balkan Treaty with Greece, Yugoslavia and Romania in the west.

No matter how depressing the situation we are in, we must aim to weave a ring of peace with neighbouring countries again.

If we do not, global actors will weave a sock for us with the bloody strings of our neighbours.

To put it concretely, we can solve the Syrian issue not by receiving money from Brussels, but by establishing a dialogue with Damascus!

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