Revealing the documents Altınok wanted exposed

26 Mart 2024 Salı

Those who follow know. I had previously announced to the public many undisclosed details to clear the suspicions over the wealth of AKP's Ankara Metropolitan Mayor candidate Turgut Altınok.

One of these details was about the land registered to the company co-owned by Altınok and his brother, which was given to a construction project in exchange for 660 apartments.

When I disclosed this, Turgut Altınok made a statement and mentioned that he had filed a legal complaint against me. He demanded I disclose the documents.

I found the deed and plans Altınok demanded to be disclosed.

According to the deed, the land is 12,129 square meters. The project details show a total construction area of 50,000 square meters, more than four times the granted zoning permission.

The project consists of three blocks, each with 15 floors of 1+1 apartments, rising next to the airport. Official documents were written, and permissions were obtained.

Of course, Altınok thought, "A gas station right next to these buildings wouldn't be bad," and went to the then-CHP mayor to explain the situation. There was no zoning permission at that time, but after the municipality switched to AKP, the zoning was approved, and the gas station was handled.

These are billion-dollar deals...

I'm not even talking about the other stations owned by his family members.

Since I had already reported to the prosecution, I decided to prepare. I asked around and found a court decision.

The decision number 2022/554 of the Ankara 22nd Civil Court of First Instance. The plaintiff is Yıldız Altınok. The defendants are Hacı Altınok, Turgut Altınok, Türker Altınok...

Yıldız Altınok had given her brothers power of attorney, but according to the court documents, this power of attorney was misused, and some properties in Ankara's Yenimahalle, Altındağ, Mamak, Keçiören, Çankaya, and Pursaklar were unlawfully registered in the brothers' names. She demanded the cancellation of these registrations and their re-registration in her name.

The court decided to cancel the registration of a property in Keçiören Çiçekli Mahallesi, parcel number 4011/21, registered under Turgut Altınok's name, and re-register it in the name of the plaintiff Yıldız Altınok, proportionate to her share.

The court's decision listed each deed separately. I compared these with Turgut Altınok's asset declaration. The parcels listed in the declaration were different. From what I could find in the parcel inquiry, the lands in question total about 100,000 square meters.

The court found some claims valid and others invalid, thus concluding the case. The file has also been sent to the Supreme Court.

Since the case has been brought to court, I believe Turgut Altınok did not declare these lands.

But the main issue is this...

In my previous article, I wrote that the company co-owned by Altınok didn't pay taxes and was non-taxable.

It's incomprehensible for a politician, who is a candidate for mayor, to avoid paying taxes despite being so wealthy.

How much wealthier can you get? If you're not going to pay taxes, which are the foundation of social benefits, civil servant, and pensioner salaries, why should you be a mayor, and why are we even living in the same country as you?

While there should be a wealth tax on the rich, measures that meet European standards to prevent them from evading taxes are needed. Instead, the poor end up carrying the burden of the wealthy.

Then they dare to say, "Elect me as your mayor."

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