Million-dollar establishments that don’t pay taxes

11 Haziran 2024 Salı

Official inflation was announced at 74.98%.

In reality, we all see and feel that this rate is much higher. The economy has been thrown into chaos with the high interest, high inflation thesis. Through a method called the foreign exchange-protected deposit account, the rich got richer. 1 trillion Turkish Liras from the Turkish nation ended up in the pockets of a few individuals.

The resulting debt is being paid by the poor, salaried workers, and thus millions of people. I am trying to draw Mr. Mehmet Şimşek's attention to this issue with examples to say enough is enough.

Mr. Şimşek, if you are not an advisor trying to implement heartless liberal capitalist economic impositions, you will consider what we have written, right?

For instance, a social media account recently shared a receipt from a restaurant in Bodrum.

The total amount paid was 1 million 115 thousand TL. The photo, shared as if it were new, is from 2023. This is the amount charged for services provided to a group of 20 people.

20 set menus for 120 thousand, 16 non-alcoholic beverages for 3,200 TL, alcoholic beverages, etc. I am focused on the tax aspect of this.

The establishment in question is the French company Bagatelle, operating in the Bodrum Yalıkavak Restaurant.

Their menu is also available online. They sell a single bottle of liquor for 85 thousand TL and a glass of liquor for 4 thousand TL. The prices are high. Those who know this go there knowingly.

Many restaurants in Yalıkavak Marina have prices that are beyond our reach. Remember, this place was often mentioned in the revelations of the crime organization leader Sedat Peker. Mehmet Ağar and his son Tolga Ağar were also in the management of this place. Then these two names left the management.

So, who manages it now?

According to the Trade Registry Gazette dated April 15, 2024, Koray Atalık, Razım Panahov, Rafet Metin. I am talking about services that correspond to billions of TL provided to hotels, restaurant places, and yachts.

I looked up, "How much tax has this establishment paid?" The figure is 0, written as zero... That means this establishment's revenues do not cover its expenses!

So, who owns the Bagatelle company in this marina and how much tax have they paid?

Let's continue...

There is also BIRDS within the marina. It is owned by an entity named Elma Partners. Its managers are Russian nationals Nazar Zeynalov and Seymur Aslanov. How much tax has "BIRDS" paid in 2021, 2022, and 2023? Zero (0), sir. That means its income did not cover its expenses. How much tax has its owner Elma Partners paid in 2021, 2022, and 2023?

No taxable income in 2021 and 2022; declared 8,653 Turkish Liras of taxable income in 2023 and paid 2,163 Turkish Liras in tax. That means they paid as much as a single glass in tax in 2023.

I did not specifically choose these companies. I randomly selected the companies in the marina based on a receipt. I can list them all. Almost all of them are the same.

Let me also mention a company that came up in an advertisement.

Borek shop owner aunt Ülver from Izmir, known as Aunt Ülver. The company's name is the same. They sell Bosnian pastry. In 2021, they declared 1 million 288 thousand 578 of taxable income and paid 322 thousand Turkish Liras in tax, in 2022 they declared 2 million 600 thousand and paid 576 thousand, in 2023 they declared 8 million 484 thousand Turkish Liras and paid 2 million liras in tax.

On one side, a company selling pastries pays significant taxes, while on the other, luxurious establishments that charge millions from a single table in hours pay no taxes.

Mr. Mehmet Şimşek, I apologize but I will speak harshly. He will not send a single inspector to any of these places. In his worldview, the burden is always placed on the poor, the public. Wealth and the wealthy are sacred in this liberal view. Capital is the sole life goal that Şimşek cherishes. Let me not digress.

For now, citizens do not pay taxes on the air they breathe, but they note that those who indulge in pleasure and benefit limitlessly from every blessing of our country are not held accountable.

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