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Our readers and independence are our strength!

13 Mayıs 2024 Pazartesi

We commemorated our new age on May 7th, our founding date, with comprehensive events first in Istanbul, followed by Ankara and Izmir.

As Cumhuriyet staff, we had the pleasure of engaging in warm conversations with our esteemed readers during these delightful gatherings. Within the framework of events, bringing together figures from politics, culture, art, and business, our exhibition titled "Cumhuriyet: Witness of 100 Years" was inaugurated in Ankara. I highly recommend visiting this exhibition at the Dogan Tasdelen Contemporary Arts Center in Çankaya, Ankara, where the phases of Cumhuriyet newspaper from its inception to the present are depicted through documents, information, and objects selected from the newspaper's museum. By doing so, you'll embark on a journey through both our country's and our newspaper's history.

Last week, we also presented supplements that shed light on the past, present, and future of our newspaper to you, our valued readers. Of course, condensing a vast historical memory into supplements was challenging; no matter what we did, something would be left out. Therefore, we are determined to continue our supplementary papers, the short documenteries we prepared, and the writings of our esteemed colleagues who have contributed to this newspaper, through our online platforms. In this way, we aim to transform this archival work into a living history, just like our first day. We extend our gratitude to everyone who contributed, supported, and participated in the exhibition and supplementary papers.


The legacy left to us by our founder Yunus Nadi is preserved as if it was on the first day: "Cumhuriyet is neither a government nor a party newspaper. Cumhuriyet is solely the advocate of the Republic, democracy, through scientific and widespread language. Cumhuriyet will struggle against any force that seeks to dismantle the ideas and principles of democracy... Cumhuriyet will endeavor on the path to enlightenment opened by the revolutionary principles of Atatürk, for the liberation of the mind from bigotry, the independence of science from religion, and the adoption of the principle of secularism by society."

Cumhuriyet newspaper continues its journey with a commitment to accurate and principled journalism. Its hundred-year history is filled with examples of resilience, standing tall against all pressures, enduring heavy costs, and never losing hope. Cumhuriyet has no owner; it is managed by a foundation. This is our greatest strength and our independence, much like our readers.

And of course, without our dedicated staff, our masterful writers, it would have been difficult to reach where we are today. According to many surveys, Cumhuriyet is Turkey's most trusted newspaper. As a reference point, it provides a broad perspective on everything from politics to economics, from culture to art, from education to health, from sports to environmental news. In this regard, our powerful writers, who freely express their depth of perspective, views, and expertise from their columns, not only shape our readers but also shape the ideas guiding Turkey. We sincerely thank our writers and masters who met with our readers from the pages of our newspaper on its 100th anniversary.


Cumhuriyet's formidable writing team:

Adnan Binyazar, Adnan Dinçer, Ahmet Saltık, Ahmet Tan, Alev Coşkun, Ali Apaydın, Altan Öymen, Arif Kızılyalın, Ataol Behramoğlu, Ayşe Emel Mesci, Ayşegül Yüksel, Barış Pehlivan, Barış Terkoğlu, Bedri Baykam, Bilgin Gökberk, Bilsay Kuruç, Deniz Ülkütekin, Dikmen Gürün, Ebru Kılıçoğlu, Elçin Poyrazlar, Emre Kongar, Erdal Atabek, Eren Aysan, Ergin Yıldızoğlu, Erman Kunter, Evin İlyasoğlu, Feridun Andaç, Feyzi Açıkalın, Figen Atalay, Gülengül Altınsay, Hayri Güner, Hilmi Türkay, Işık Kansu, Işıl Özgentürk, İrfan Hüseyin Yıldız, Jale Özgentürk, Lemi Çelik, Mehmet Ali Güller, Mehmet Şakir Örs, Meriç Velidedeoğlu, Mine G. Kırıkkanat, Miyase İlknur, Murat Ağırel, Mustafa Balbay, Müjdat Gezen, Nergis Şimşek, Nilgün Cerrahoğlu, Oktay Ekşi, Orhan Bursalı, Öner Yağcı, Örsan K. Öymen, Özdemir İnce, Özgen Acar, Özlem Yüzak, Öztin Akgüç, Sertaç Eş, Sevgi Özel, Sinan Meydan, Şükran Soner, Üstün Dökmen, Veysel Ulusoy, Yiğit Güralp, Zeynep Oral, Zülal Kalkandelen.

The centennial yet young sapling Cumhuriyet continues its journey with the excitement of the first day.

Long live Cumhuriyet!

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