Was there only one killer?

05 Temmuz 2024 Cuma

They had six children, five of whom were at home at the time. Both Hivda Temel and the children were regularly subjected to violence by both Mehmet Temel and his family. The house they lived in belonged to her estranged husband, and his family also wanted a share of it.

During this period, Mehmet Temel’s brothers and mother would call the children, threatening, "Your father will kill your mother; it’s a mistake that he hasn’t done it yet."

Unfortunately, a month after a restraining order was issued, the foretold murder happened. The husband, who killed his wife and even stole her watch and bank card, was arrested. However, one question remained unanswered:

Was Mehmet Temel alone when Hivda Temel was killed?

Surveillance footage and the children's statements revealed another striking detail before the murder. There were suspicions that Hakan Temel, Mehmet's brother, and another person were present at the crime scene. Moreover, one of the uncles even went to a jeweler to claim the murdered woman’s savings.

Despite lawyer Müjde Tozbey presenting all suspicions and evidence, the prosecutor's office remained inactive. The presence of other potential murderers was overlooked, leaving the children in danger.

Consider this...

What you’ve read above is just a small trace of a larger festering wound. In the first six months of this year, 205 women were killed by men in this country. The deaths of 117 women remain suspicious. We are adrift in a sea of negligence where even existing laws are not properly enforced. When will we move beyond judicial package fetishism and address this festering wound?

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