White House mandates new AI safeguards for federal use

The White House has announced stringent new measures requiring federal agencies to implement robust safeguards for the use of artificial intelligence (AI), aimed at protecting American citizens' rights and ensuring safety.

Publication: 29.03.2024 - 11:51
White House mandates new AI safeguards for federal use
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This mandate, set to take effect by December 1, compels agencies to actively monitor, assess, and validate AI's societal impacts, specifically targeting algorithmic discrimination and enhancing transparency in governmental AI operations. Furthermore, it establishes a framework for conducting risk assessments and setting operational and governance standards to manage the deployment of AI technologies effectively.

In addition to ensuring operational safeguards, the directive emphasizes the importance of transparency and accountability in AI applications within the government. Agencies are mandated to make detailed public disclosures on how AI technologies are employed, particularly in scenarios that could impact the rights or safety of Americans. This initiative is part of a broader effort to foster public trust in AI usage by the government, following President Joe Biden’s executive order invoking the Defense Production Act to mandate AI developers to disclose safety test results for systems posing potential risks.

This push towards a more regulated and transparent AI ecosystem is complemented by measures such as allowing air travelers to opt out of facial recognition technologies without delay and requiring human oversight in federal healthcare AI diagnostics. The White House is also advocating for the release of government-owned AI resources, provided they do not compromise security, to foster innovation and accountability. As the administration moves to hire 100 AI professionals and mandates the appointment of chief AI officers within federal agencies, these initiatives mark a significant step towards integrating AI into governmental operations while safeguarding public interests and national security.

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