UN reports gunshot wounds among Gaza aid convoy injuries

The United Nations has reported that many individuals injured during the rush for an aid convoy in Gaza on Thursday sustained gunshot wounds.

Publication: 02.03.2024 - 10:29
UN reports gunshot wounds among Gaza aid convoy injuries
Abone Ol google-news

UN observers at Gaza City's al-Shifa Hospital witnessed approximately 200 people receiving treatment. Hamas, which governs Gaza, has accused Israel of shooting at civilians. However, Israel contends that the casualties resulted mostly from a stampede triggered by warning shots fired by its troops. The incident has sparked global calls for a comprehensive investigation.

The chaos ensued when hundreds sought aid from a convoy on a coastal road, under Israeli military escort, amidst warnings of an imminent famine in northern Gaza. Eyewitness accounts and video footage indicate gunfire and frantic attempts to access the aid, with at least 112 people reported dead and 760 injured according to Gaza's health ministry.

Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson Danial Hagari attributed the injuries to pushing and trampling. IDF Lt Col Peter Lerner described the situation as a "mob storming the convoy," with Israeli troops attempting to disperse the crowd with warning shots. Despite Israel's denial of direct involvement, suggested by adviser Mark Regev, the UN's visit to al-Shifa Hospital confirmed numerous gunshot wounds among survivors.

The UK and the US have responded, emphasizing the need for an urgent investigation and greater aid efforts. The conflict between Israel and Hamas, which began on October 7 with an attack by Hamas, has led to over 30,000 deaths in Gaza, including 21,000 children and women, with thousands injured or missing.

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