Uganda clarifies stance on World Court ruling against Israel

Uganda has clarified that the dissenting opinion of its judge at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) does not represent the nation's stance.

Publication: 28.01.2024 - 16:37
Uganda clarifies stance on World Court ruling against Israel
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This statement comes in the wake of the ICJ's ruling on South Africa's genocide case against Israel. Ugandan Judge Julia Sebutinde was the sole dissenter in the 17-member panel, opposing all six measures the court adopted in its directive to Israel to prevent genocide while combating Hamas in Gaza.

"The stance of Judge Sebutinde is purely her independent view and does not mirror the Ugandan government's position," the government emphasized in a late Saturday statement. Furthermore, Uganda reiterated its support for the Non-Aligned Movement's stance on the conflict, as agreed upon at its summit in Uganda this month.

This position, outlined in a summit document, denounces Israel's military actions and civilian casualties. It also urges an immediate ceasefire and unhindered humanitarian access. The Non-Aligned Movement, established in 1961, consists of countries that chose not to align with either of the Cold War's dominant military and political blocs, many of which had recently achieved independence from colonial rule.

In the ICJ ruling, Sebutinde was among only two judges issuing dissenting opinions, while 15 supported the emergency measures, aligning closely with South Africa's requests in the case.

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