The 'crazy flying bus' is back in the news: World giants vie for the project

Chinese engineers have revived the "Transit Elevated Bus" (TEB) project, abandoned in 2017, believing that it will not only streamline traffic flow but also be more cost-effective compared to other mass transit options.

Publication: 03.02.2024 - 15:44
The 'crazy flying bus' is back in the news: World giants vie for the project
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Aiming to solve traffic congestion, Chinese engineers have unveiled groundbreaking designs for a futuristic elevated bus that could revolutionize urban transport.

The innovative "Transit Elevated Bus" (TEB) was exhibited at the 19th China Beijing International High-Tech Expo in 2016, presenting a view of a transportation solution that challenges traditional methods.

Resembling a hybrid between a tram and a bus, the TEB was designed to carry up to 1,200 passengers above regular road traffic, allowing cars to pass underneath.

The project aimed to maximize road space, potentially reduce traffic congestion and offer an alternative to traditional buses.

The scaled model of the TEB displayed at the technology expo showed the vehicle operating on a series of fixed rails embedded in the road, costing about 3.5 million pounds per unit.


Speaking to CCTV News, engineer Bai Zhiming said, "With a capacity to transport 1,200 people at once, the TEB performs the same functions as the subway but at less than a fifth of the construction costs."

Zhiming highlighted the system's potential efficiency, stating, "It could be completed within a year."

The ambitious project has garnered significant interest for its potential to transform urban transport and alleviate traffic issues, with Brazil, France, and India expressing interest in the project.


Testing on the prototype began in August 2016 on a 300-meter test track. However, the project was abandoned in June 2017.

Chinese media reported that the prototype faced difficulties during testing, with some saying it operated very slowly and overheated. Other problems included issues with vehicles like cars with roof racks, among others.

Concerns were also raised about low bridges and other obstacles posing too many problems for the bus.

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