Spanish farmers join Europe-wide protests

Spanish farmers are protesting across Spain, demanding more flexibility from the EU, stricter import controls, and increased government support. Their actions, including roadblocks, are part of a wider European movement.

Publication: 06.02.2024 - 17:21
Spanish farmers join Europe-wide protests
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A significant protest is planned in Madrid this month. Farmers have been vocal in Spain's north, Catalonia, Andalusia, and Extremadura, protesting against EU policies and high operational costs that affect their profits.

The farmers' main concerns include the EU's agricultural policies and rising fuel and energy prices. Esteban, a cereal farmer, highlighted the financial strain of high production costs versus low selling prices.

A recent dispute involved French farmers accusing Spanish counterparts of unfair competition, which Spain counters by pointing out the less stringent regulations faced by non-EU countries like Morocco.

Estrella Pérez, a livestock and cereal farmer, expressed the challenges of navigating excessive regulations, and seeking a sustainable future for farming amidst these hurdles.

Spain's drought has hit hard, especially affecting its status as the world's top olive oil producer. Meanwhile, Italian farmers are also protesting against EU regulations, with support from their Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni. The EU is reconsidering some agricultural policies, like pesticide use, to balance sustainability goals with farmers' needs.