Slovakia detains man for threatening Prague-style massacre

Slovakian police have arrested a man in Zilina, northern Slovakia, following his alarming declaration of intent to emulate the recent mass shooting in Prague.

Publication: 24.12.2023 - 16:23
Slovakia detains man for threatening Prague-style massacre
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The 64-year-old man, who contacted emergency services with his threat, is now facing charges for spreading general alarm, a crime punishable by up to two years in prison.

This arrest comes in the wake of a tragic incident in Prague, where a student's shooting rampage at a university resulted in 14 deaths. In response to this, Czech authorities have made several arrests linked to related threats.

The man detained in Slovakia reportedly called emergency services on the same day as the Prague shooting, expressing his desire to obtain a firearm for a similar attack. Slovakian police released footage of their heavily armed officers forcefully entering his apartment and apprehending him.

Meanwhile, in the Czech Republic, another individual was arrested for threatening to murder the family members of the Prague gunman. This suspect, found with a legally owned weapon in the Vysocina region, further underscores the heightened security concerns in the area.

In a separate incident, police in the western Plzen region detained a man who threatened to shoot his neighbors, though he was found drunk and unarmed. The series of threats and arrests have amplified public anxiety, leading to several security responses across the region.

In one notable instance, an armed unit was dispatched to Prague's bustling IP Pavlova intersection after reports of a man wielding a grenade, which later turned out to be a fake. The situation led to temporary disruptions in tram and road traffic, with metro services also affected until police declared the area safe.

Adding to the heightened alert, Prague Airport's Terminal 2 faced an evacuation on Saturday evening after an English-speaking individual falsely claimed that five bombs were planted at the airport. Fortunately, normal operations resumed following a thorough check for explosives.

As the Czech Republic observes a national day of mourning for the victims of the Prague shooting, President Petr Pavel has called for solidarity and support for those grieving. In his statement, he emphasized the need for respect, help, tact, and consideration to assist the bereaved in coping with their loss during this challenging time.

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