Scottish leader urges UK: Halt arms sales to Israel amid civilian casualties

Scottish First Minister Humza Yousaf has intensified his appeal for the UK to cease arms sales to Israel, following the Israeli military's fatal attack on aid workers in Gaza.

Publication: 04.04.2024 - 12:17
Scottish leader urges UK: Halt arms sales to Israel amid civilian casualties
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"The UK risks complicity in the deaths of innocent civilians by continuing arms sales to Israel," Yousaf cautioned in a communication to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Despite a previous request in January for the UK to revoke Israel's arms export licenses, Yousaf stated he has not received a reply, lamenting the lack of action amidst rising casualties.

This renewed call comes after an Israeli strike killed seven World Central Kitchen (WCK) aid workers in Gaza, sparking global condemnation and calls for a comprehensive inquiry. The victims included nationals from Australia, Poland, the UK, Palestine, and a dual US-Canada citizen. WCK announced a suspension of its operations in the region following the attack.

Yousaf criticized the UK government's continued authorization of arms sales to Israel, highlighting the Israeli military's involvement in civilian casualties and attacks on hospitals, schools, and refugee camps. He acknowledged Israel's right to self-defense but argued that its actions exceed legitimate bounds. "Israel must be held accountable," Yousaf asserted, emphasizing the intolerable loss of civilian lives and the plight of humanitarian workers.

Since Hamas' attack on October 7, which killed approximately 1,200 people, Israel's military offensive in Gaza has resulted in over 32,975 Palestinian deaths and significant destruction. The ongoing blockade exacerbates the humanitarian crisis, with the UN reporting widespread displacement, infrastructure damage, and essential shortages. Amid accusations of genocide at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the court recently urged Israel to mitigate the famine risk in Gaza, stating, "Famine is setting in."

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