Rat infestation in Marseille schools

Schools in Marseille, specifically in the 13th and 15th arrondissements, have recently faced a severe rat infestation. Parents' associations have raised alarms about the presence of rodents, with children reportedly wading through rat urine and droppings.

Publication: 27.11.2023 - 16:44
Rat infestation in Marseille schools
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The problem was highlighted in two elementary schools, Malpassé and La Viste, where rats were seen swarming in playgrounds, canteens, and even dormitories. The city's response to this issue has been questioned, with accusations of "inaction" directed at the Aix-Marseille-Provence metropolis for failing to take responsibility for road cleaning and waste management​​​​.

Marseille's deputy mayor, Pierre Huguet, stated that a protocol has been implemented allowing the city's agents to respond within 24 hours of a report. In more challenging cases, private companies are hired to remove the rodents, especially outside of school periods. Despite these measures, Huguet claimed that the problems at Malpassé and La Viste had been resolved, but the broader issue of rodent invasion in the city remains a concern​​.

The rat problem in Marseille extends beyond the schools, affecting the city center as well. The municipality attributes the issue to the city's general unsanitary conditions. Factors contributing to the problem include infrequent garbage collection, road works that disrupt rat habitats, and the dilapidation of many school buildings, creating conducive environments for rats to settle. These conditions force the city to address the problems urgently, but the underlying causes persist​​​​.

The situation in Marseille reflects a larger systemic issue related to city management and sanitation. The city's response to the crisis and its capacity to address the root causes of the rat infestation will be crucial in ensuring the health and safety of its residents, particularly school children who are directly affected by the situation​​​​.

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