Pope Francis expresses desire to visit Turkiye

Pope Francis, the spiritual leader of Catholics and the head of the Vatican, has expressed his wish to visit Turkey next year.

Publication: 29.06.2024 - 12:43
Pope Francis expresses desire to visit Turkiye
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According to a statement from the Vatican, the Pope received a delegation from the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople this morning, ahead of the religious feast of Saints Peter and Paul, which will be celebrated tomorrow in Rome.

In his address, Pope Francis mentioned the upcoming 1700th anniversary of the First Council of Nicaea and expressed his desire to visit Nicaea.

"This is a trip I deeply wish to undertake," said the Pope.


The First Council of Nicaea was convened in 325 AD by Roman Emperor Constantine I and attended by all bishops of the Christian Church. It is considered a significant event in Christian history, where crucial religious matters were debated and decided.

Pope Francis previously visited Turkey in 2014.

Other visits to Turkey by Popes include Pope Benedict XVI in 2006, Pope John Paul II in 1979, and Pope Paul VI in 1967.