Peru's President Boluarte refuses to resign amid luxury watch investigation

Peruvian President Dina Boluarte firmly stated on Saturday that she will not resign, despite her residence being searched as part of an investigation into allegations of illicit enrichment and failing to disclose ownership of luxury watches.

Publication: 31.03.2024 - 17:51
Peru's President Boluarte refuses to resign amid luxury watch investigation
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The raid, involving some 20 officials from the public prosecutor's office alongside 20 police officers, took place at Boluarte's house on Friday night, followed by a search at the presidential palace on Saturday morning.

"I assumed the presidency with clean hands, and I intend to leave office in 2026 in the same manner," Boluarte asserted during a press conference, labeling the raids as "disproportionate" and "abusive."

The president's residence, situated in Lima's Surquillo district a short distance from her workplace at the palace, was a focal point of the operation. "Palace personnel provided full cooperation for the requested investigation," noted the presidency on the social media platform X, highlighting that the operation proceeded "normally and without incident."

Peruvian Prime Minister Gustavo Adrianzen also expressed disapproval of the raids, emphasizing the serious implications of the "political noise" for investments and the nation as a whole. "The recent actions are disproportionate and unconstitutional," Adrianzen commented on X.

The investigation was initiated two weeks prior, following a report by the online program La-Encerrona, which claimed the president owned several Rolex watches. The purpose of the inquiry is to determine if there is sufficient evidence to launch a formal investigation against Boluarte.

In office since December 2022, Boluarte has admitted to owning Rolex watches, which she claims were purchased with her own money earned since her youth.

An attempt by the prosecutor's office to inspect the watches at Boluarte's office last Wednesday was unsuccessful due to scheduling conflicts, with her lawyers requesting a rescheduled appointment.

The ongoing scrutiny of Boluarte adds to a lengthy list of investigations involving Peruvian presidents and high-ranking officials.

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