New symptoms identified in Covid-19's JN.1 variant

Scientists have issued warnings about the new variant of COVID-19, JN.1, particularly as the likelihood of contracting Covid-19 increases seasonally. Researchers have discovered that the JN.1 variant exhibits some unusual symptoms.

Publication: 02.01.2024 - 12:27
New symptoms identified in Covid-19's JN.1 variant
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While loss of taste and/or smell remains a common symptom of COVID-19, recent findings include new symptoms such as muscle pain in 16% of cases, fatigue and lethargy in 20%, and severe headaches also in 20% of cases.

The most surprising widespread symptoms include sleep problems, anxiety, and distress, each affecting about 10% of those with the variant.

According to the latest report from the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), one in every 24 people in England and Scotland could potentially have Covid-19.

Professor Steven Riley, UKHSA’s Director General of Data and Analytics, cautioned that the cold weather, shorter days, and increased socializing during this time of year significantly raise the transmission potential of respiratory viruses like COVID-19.