NATO drills signal preparation for conflict with Russia, claims Moscow

NATO's extended military exercises near Russia, dubbed Steadfast Defender, indicate the alliance is gearing up for a possible conflict with Russia, according to Maria Zakharova, a spokeswoman for Russia's Foreign Ministry.

Publication: 04.05.2024 - 13:39
NATO drills signal preparation for conflict with Russia, claims Moscow
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On Saturday, Zakharova countered recent NATO accusations of Russian hybrid warfare against its members, labeling them as "misinformation" designed to shift focus from NATO's maneuvers.

She argued that NATO has engaged in hybrid warfare by supporting Ukraine with weapons, intelligence, and financial aid. "Currently, NATO's largest exercise since the Cold War is underway near Russia's borders. Their drills simulate coalition actions against Russia using a full array of tools, including hybrid and conventional weapons," Zakharova stated. She concluded that these developments compel an acknowledgment that NATO is earnestly preparing for a 'potential conflict' with Russia.

Tensions between Russia and the West have escalated sharply since Russia began its military operations in Ukraine in 2022. In January, when NATO launched the drills involving 90,000 troops, it described the exercises as practice for U.S. reinforcements to European allies in the event of a conflict. These exercises, set to continue through May, represent NATO's largest Cold War-era scale maneuvers.

Moscow responded by declaring the drills a definitive shift by NATO back to Cold War postures.

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