King Charles's first statement after cancer diagnosis

Buckingham Palace announced on Monday, February 5, that the 75-year-old monarch of the United Kingdom, King Charles III, had been diagnosed with cancer. This marks the first time King Charles III has made a public statement concerning the news that has been the topic of global discussion since that day.

Publication: 08.02.2024 - 16:30
King Charles's first statement after cancer diagnosis
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King Charles III, who will undergo cancer treatment, has indefinitely suspended his public duties. Buckingham Palace's statement included the following:

"During the King's recent hospital visit, an intervention for benign prostate enlargement revealed a separate finding that concerned the doctors. Subsequent tests have diagnosed King Charles with a form of cancer..."

The Palace did not disclose the type of cancer the King has but clarified that it is not prostate cancer. It was also mentioned that the King's treatment began immediately after the diagnosis.

Addressing the People of Grenada

Despite taking a break from his public duties, King Charles made a public statement yesterday on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the independence of Grenada, an independent island state in the Pacific and a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.

King Charles conveyed his "congratulations and best wishes" to the people of Grenada, expressing his regret at not being able to attend the celebrations in person.

Prince William Speaks Out

The health of his father, Prince William, was also on the agenda. Accepting well wishes via social media, Prince William stated in a press release:

"I do not doubt that he will regain his strength in a short time, and I know the whole country wishes the King the best..."

Is the Prophecy Coming True?

Verses attributed to King Charles in the "Centuries," written by Nostradamus in 1555, have garnered significant interest in the press since their publication.

Having only been on the British throne for a few months, King Charles's position is already deemed at risk according to Nostradamus. The seer's verses suggest a "contentious divorce" and predict the "King of the Isles" will be "forcibly expelled."

Furthermore, Nostradamus predicts that "the realm will be usurped by someone without royal insignia."

Bestselling Nostradamus commentator Mario Reading suggested in a 2006 publication that Harry, who possesses no royal insignia, might take the crown from his brother William, the current heir.

It's important to remember that Harry has stepped back from his royal role, effectively having "no royal insignia"...

Yet, let's focus on the future we can shape ourselves rather than looking back. While reading prophecies can be fun, let's not rely on seers' predictions...

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