Jordan strikes Syria: Casualties reported

According to information gathered from local media and observers, Jordan's attacks on the south of Syria have resulted in 10 fatalities.

Publication: 18.01.2024 - 15:48
Jordan strikes Syria: Casualties reported
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Syrian local media reported that 10 people, including children, were killed in Jordan's airstrikes in the south of Syria. There has been no statement from Jordanian officials yet.

Jordan's military has intensified its operations against drug traffickers in recent weeks, following clashes with dozens of individuals suspected of being linked to Iran-backed militias, who were caught transporting large quantities of drugs along with weapons and explosives from the Syrian border last month.

Sham F.M., a local broadcaster, reported that Jordan's airstrikes hit two houses in the town of Arman in the southern Suwayda province, causing casualties.

Syria news portal Suwayda24, which monitors developments in the province, stated that simultaneous airstrikes occurred overnight in the Arman residential area near the Jordanian border.

While the news outlet confirmed that 10 civilians, including two children, five women, and three men, were killed in the attacks, it did not attribute the airstrikes to Jordan.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which monitors the Syrian conflict, reported that at least nine people, including two children, were killed in Jordan's attacks on Suwayda.

Jordan and its Western allies have blamed Lebanon-based, Iran-backed Hezbollah, and other Iran-aligned groups controlling much of southern Syria for the increase in smuggling.

Iran and Hezbollah reject these allegations, dismissing them as a Western conspiracy against their ally Syria, and deny involvement in drug production and smuggling.

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