Japan's reaction to Putin: We are seriously concerned

The Japanese government expressed concern over Russian President Vladimir Putin's statement about potentially deepening military technology cooperation with North Korea.

Publication: 20.06.2024 - 16:10
Japan's reaction to Putin: We are seriously concerned
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During his first visit to North Korea in 24 years, Putin met with his counterpart Kim Jong Un, sending a message of solidarity that has become a major topic in Japan.

Cabinet Secretary Yoshimasa Hayashi addressed the press, reacting to Putin's message about deepening "military technology cooperation" between the two countries.

Hayashi said that Japan is worried about Putin's statement that "military technology cooperation with North Korea will not be overlooked" as part of the signed strategic partnership agreement.

Hayashi emphasized Japan's concerns by saying, "We are seriously worried about the possible impacts of Putin's remarks on the regional security environment surrounding our country."

He also criticized Putin's call for a review of United Nations (UN) sanctions against North Korea due to its missile and nuclear development programs, stating, "Such remarks are absolutely unacceptable."

The Japanese national press describes the increasing military cooperation between Russia and North Korea as a "cause for concern" for Japan and its ally, the United States.

Yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin made an official visit to North Korea, during which a "comprehensive strategic partnership agreement" was signed between the parties.

Putin, avoiding the term "alliance," stated that the agreement includes a commitment from each party to provide military assistance if the other is attacked.

After meeting with his counterpart, Putin announced that under the strategic partnership agreement, Russia does not overlook "developing military and technical cooperation" with North Korea.

North Korean leader Kim referred to the agreement as a "pact," emphasizing that relations have been elevated to a "high alliance" level.

The comprehensive strategic partnership agreement stipulates that if one party is attacked, the other will provide military assistance.