Istanbul becomes the world's most visited city

According to a report by Euromonitor International, Istanbul outpaced London and Dubai to become the world's top holiday destination in 2023.

Publication: 13.02.2024 - 16:25
Istanbul becomes the world's most visited city
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Based on findings from Euromonitor International, a leading research firm based in London, Istanbul claimed the title of the most visited city globally in 2023. It surpassed other leading holiday destinations such as London and Dubai to top the list.

Tourist visits to Istanbul exceeded 20 million last year, marking a 26% increase in visitor numbers compared to the previous year.

London secured the second spot on the list with 18 million international visitors in 2023, witnessing a 17% rise in tourism from the year before. Dubai, ranking third last year, was also named the best holiday destination by Tripadvisor.

Antalya was the fourth most visited city globally last year. Paris, anticipated to have a bustling year in tourism due to the upcoming Olympics, is ranked as the fifth most visited city.

Euromonitor International revealed the top 10 most visited cities in 2023 as follows:

1. Istanbul

2. London

3. Dubai

4. Antalya

5. Paris

6. Hong Kong

7. Bangkok

8. New York

9. Cancun

10. Mecca

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