Israel intensifies defenses: Prepares for Iranian retaliation after Damascus strike

Following the killing of Iranian generals in Damascus, Israel has escalated its defense measures, halting leave for all combat units amid fears of an escalation in violence.

Publication: 04.04.2024 - 16:13
Israel intensifies defenses: Prepares for Iranian retaliation after Damascus strike
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The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) announced a temporary pause on leave for combat units based on situational assessments. "The IDF is at war, and we are continuously assessing the deployment of forces according to the evolving requirements," the military stated.

In response to the increased threat, Israel has called up reservists to strengthen its aerial defenses. Disruptions to GPS services in Tel Aviv, reported by journalists and residents on Thursday, are believed to be preemptive measures against guided missile attacks.

Iran has promised retaliation for the deaths of two of its generals and five military advisers, who were killed in an airstrike on an Iranian diplomatic compound in Damascus on Monday. The attack, attributed to Israel, marks a significant escalation in the conflict, heightening tensions in the region.

Financial markets have reacted nervously, with the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange's TA-125 index falling by 2.2% on Thursday, bringing the week's losses to approximately 4%. The shekel has weakened against the dollar, and government bond prices have seen a decline.

Israel's conflict with Hamas has been ongoing for six months, following an attack by the Palestinian Islamist group on southern Israel on October 7. The IDF has also engaged in almost daily exchanges of fire with Hezbollah, an Iran-backed group in Lebanon. To date, Iran has refrained from direct involvement, instead supporting attacks on Israeli and U.S. targets by its allies.

Amos Yadlin, a former Israeli intelligence chief, speculates that Iran might respond to the Damascus strike this Friday, coinciding with the last Friday of Ramadan and Iranian Quds (Jerusalem) Day, either directly or through proxies. Despite the potential for retaliation, Yadlin, a Senior Fellow at Harvard University's Kennedy School Belfer Center, advises calm, citing Israel's robust aerial defense systems. "Be prepared for tomorrow, and then, based on the attack's outcomes, we may see an escalation," he cautioned.

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