Israel Approves Operational Plan for Potential Attack on Lebanon

The Israeli military has approved an operational plan for a potential attack on Lebanon amidst ongoing tensions with Hezbollah.

Publication: 19.06.2024 - 17:42
Israel Approves Operational Plan for Potential Attack on Lebanon
Abone Ol google-news

In a statement, the Israeli Army announced that Northern Command Chief Major General Ori Gordin and Operations Division Head Major General Oded Basyuk have sanctioned the plan against a ground operation to Lebanese territory. The assessment emphasized increasing field unit preparations.


Tensions along the Blue Line, the border between Israel and Lebanon, have escalated in recent weeks. Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari reported that Hezbollah has fired over 5,000 rockets, anti-tank missiles, and drones at Israel since October 7. Hagari warned that Hezbollah's increasing attacks could lead to a broader escalation, potentially devastating for Lebanon and the region.

Since October 7, Israel has been conducting operations in the Gaza Strip and clashing with Hezbollah along the northern border. The clashes have resulted in the deaths of 341 Hezbollah members, 63 Lebanese civilians, 19 Amal Movement members, 13 Hamas members, 15 Islamic Jihad members, 14 Israeli soldiers, and 10 Israeli civilians.

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