ICC Chief Prosecutor Khan meets with Palestinian President Abbas

The International Criminal Court (ICC) Chief Prosecutor, Karim Khan, met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank. In the meeting, Abbas urged Khan to accelerate investigations and initiate legal action against Israel.

Publication: 03.12.2023 - 10:33
ICC Chief Prosecutor Khan meets with Palestinian President Abbas
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Khan's visit to Palestine began with his meeting with Abbas in Ramallah. They discussed Israel's continued aggression against Palestinians and the region's unfolding events. Abbas pointed out Israeli military operations in Gaza, which he claimed included genocide and ethnic cleansing, and ongoing violations in Jerusalem and the West Bank. He pressed Khan to hasten investigations and legal proceedings for war crimes in Palestinian territories.

Abbas briefed Khan on attacks targeting hospitals, civilian homes, settlement expansions, ethnic cleansing, racism, and various international law violations, highlighting the forced displacement of Palestinians across Gaza, Jerusalem, and the West Bank.

Abbas also stressed the urgency of stopping Israeli aggression and intensifying efforts to provide humanitarian aid, water, electricity, and fuel to ease the Palestinian people's suffering.

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