Iberia Airlines strike leads to 444 flight cancellations

Spain's airline company Iberia has canceled 444 flights following its employees' decision to go on a four-day strike during the Three Kings Day period.

Publication: 30.12.2023 - 16:31
Iberia Airlines strike leads to 444 flight cancellations
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According to local media reports, the strike decision taken by Iberia employees, affiliated with the UGT, CCOO, and USO unions, for January 5-8, will adversely affect 45,641 passengers who have already purchased their tickets.

The strike, coinciding with the country's Three Kings Day celebrations, has led to the cancellation of 444 flights. The airline has offered affected customers the option to change their flight dates, rebook, or request a refund.

In Christian belief, December 25 is celebrated as the birth of Jesus Christ. About the arrival of three kings (Melchor, Gaspar, Baltasar) from Europe, Asia, and Africa bringing gifts, Spain officially celebrates a religious holiday every year on January 6.

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