Germany and Israel sign 'Joint Action Plan'

The German Navy has signed a two-year Joint Action Plan with the Israeli military, which has been conducting attacks on Gaza for the past nine months.

Publication: 05.07.2024 - 13:57
Germany and Israel sign 'Joint Action Plan'
Abone Ol google-news

In an announcement today, the Israeli military provided details about the Joint Action Plan signed between the Israeli and German navies.

The statement noted that the Joint Action Plan was signed by Rear Admiral Ulrich Reineke on behalf of the German Navy and Rear Admiral Guy Goldfarb from the Israeli Navy.

The announcement mentioned that Rear Admiral Ulrich Reineke, Director of Plans and Policy for the German Navy, and his delegation visited Israel and received briefings on the Israeli Navy's "combat" activities.

Germany continues to support Israel, which is being tried at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for alleged genocide in Gaza, with weapons and ammunition.

Footage released by the Israeli military showed a warship, produced by Thyssen Krupp in Kiel, Germany, bombing Gaza.

The Israeli military has been conducting air strikes on the Gaza Strip since October 7, 2023, and ground operations since October 27, 2023.

Frequent clashes occur between Israeli soldiers attempting to invade Gaza by land and Palestinian resistance fighters.